• Unique Design

    Doesn't damage the roof panel.

Reduce risk and maintain roof warranty

The AceClamp® secures to the roof with its patent pending secure push pins, which help preserve the roofing manufacturer's warranty by not distressing the roof's finish or puncturing the galvanized metal.

  • Less inventory

    Get more done with less!

Cover more roof profiles with 4 clamp styles.

Just 4 clamps will cover 95% of SSMR profiles 

  • Reduce Labor

    Get on and off the roof faster.

Lower your labor costs

AceClamp components and kits come fully assembled and ready to use, with typical install times less than half that of leading competitors.

Planning your ACE snow retention systems couldn't be easier.

Fast-track your project with the ACE Configurator to learn which kits and components you'll need.

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If you’re using the same old products to mount solar, satellite, communications, ductwork – or practically anything-to metal roofs you’re wasting time and money. The AceClamp® family of roof mounting innovations gives you stronger, more flexible mounting options – without damaging roof surfaces and risking roof warranties.

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