ClickCease Protecting customers from roof ice hazards with metal roof snow bars

AceClamp metal roof snow bars

Protects visitors from roof ice hazzards

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Protecting customers from roof ice hazards with metal roof snow bars

Advanced Welding discusses their experiences with AceClamp Metal Roof Snow Bars


"Well, there was ice, there was ice coming off the roof and actually hit the customer in his head, and he has customers coming in out of his building and actually hit him first. So, my name is Ian Howard. I work with Advanced Welding and I'm here to install a new snow rail system today. I'm here because a customer got hit with a piece of ice coming off of his roof. And he actually had a different solar rail system up there but it didn't work out too well. So he wanted more updated one. I started off way back when they were still gluing them onto the roofs and then AceClamp came up with a new system where you can attach it without any fasteners and with AceClamp metal roof snow bars it all comes pre-made. It's very easy system to install and it's fast. It doesn't waste your time. Great system, it works and it protects people, quality system. The parts are all aluminum and it lasts a lifetime. It's a great system. I would recommend it to anybody." 

Comprehensive metal roof snow bars by AceClamp®

When it comes to superior snow retention systems, AceClamp® sets the benchmark with its innovative snow bars. Designed with the installer in mind, AceClamp snow bars feature pre-assembled components that make installation quick and straightforward. This efficient design ensures that your team spends less time on the roof, reducing labor costs and enhancing overall project efficiency.

Key Features of AceClamp Snow Bars

One of the standout features of AceClamp snow bars is the patented non-penetrating push-pin clamp design. Unlike traditional methods that require drilling into the roof, AceClamp’s system ensures that your metal roof remains intact and undamaged. This non-invasive approach helps maintain the roof's warranty and structural integrity, offering peace of mind for both contractors and property owners.

Why Choose AceClamp Snow Bars?

The AceClamp Metal Roof Snow Bars are versatile and adaptable, available in various configurations to suit most roofing seams. The unique sliding pin action secures the snow retention system firmly to the metal roof seam without penetrating it. This method protects the roofing finish from installation damage, preserving the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the roof for years to come.

Efficiency and Reliability

AceClamp snow bars come fully assembled, simplifying the installation process. Just secure the bracket, slide in the bars, and attach the end clamps. This straightforward process not only speeds up installation but also ensures a secure and reliable fit. Contractors consistently report significant time savings, with installations taking about half the time compared to conventional snow guards.

Durability and Performance

Load-tested by third parties, AceClamp metal roof snow bars are built to withstand heavy snow loads and harsh weather conditions. This durability makes them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications. The system’s robust construction ensures long-term performance, protecting your property and the people below from the dangers of snow and ice avalanches.


For anyone looking to invest in a reliable, efficient, and non-invasive snow retention system, AceClamp snow bars are the perfect solution. Their innovative design, ease of installation, and proven performance make them the preferred choice for metal roof snow retention. Protect your investment and ensure safety with AceClamp’s state-of-the-art snow bars.

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If you’re using the same old products to mount solar, satellite, communications, ductwork – or practically anything to metal roofs, you’re wasting time and money. The AceClamp® family of metal snow guards and solar mounting clamps give you stronger and more flexible mounting options. Our patented push-pin design won't damage roof surfaces, therefore preserving the roof's warranty. 

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