ClickCease AceClamp- more than just attaching snow retention and solar panels. Our popular AceClamp® A2® clamp was used for this customer to attach his Starlink antenna to his standing seam metal roof. Not only is it reliable, but our patented, non-penetrating slide-

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Metal roof clamps for more than attaching snow retention and solar panels

AceClamp® has long been recognized for its innovative solutions in snow retention and solar panel installation. However, its versatility extends far beyond these traditional applications. A recent project highlights this adaptability, where the AceClamp® A2® clamp was employed to securely attach a Starlink antenna to a standing seam metal roof. This application not only underscores the reliability and innovative design of AceClamp® products but also showcases their potential for diverse uses.

The AceClamp® A2® clamp is renowned for its patented non-penetrating slide-pin design. This feature ensures a secure installation without compromising the integrity of the roof panel. Unlike traditional clamps that rely on set screws or other invasive methods, the AceClamp® A2® employs a sliding pin mechanism that locks the clamp firmly in place without penetrating the roofing material. This non-penetrating approach is crucial in preserving the panel's warranty and maintaining the roof's structural integrity over time.

By preventing roof penetration, the AceClamp® A2® metal roof clamp not only maintains the aesthetic appeal of the roofing but also eliminates potential points of water ingress, which can lead to corrosion and other damage. This makes the AceClamp® A2® an ideal choice for a wide range of applications that require secure mounting solutions on metal roofs, including the recent installation of a Starlink antenna.

The use of the AceClamp® A2® for attaching a Starlink antenna highlights the clamp’s adaptability. Starlink, a satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX, requires precise and secure mounting to ensure optimal performance. The AceClamp® A2® metal roof clamp provided a reliable solution, ensuring that the antenna was securely fastened without compromising the integrity of the standing seam metal roof. This installation demonstrates how AceClamp® products can meet the unique needs of various industries beyond their traditional applications.

The versatility of AceClamp® products is further exemplified by their suitability for other mounting needs on metal roofs. Whether it’s securing HVAC equipment, antennas, or other rooftop installations, the AceClamp® A2® offers a dependable and non-invasive solution. This flexibility is a testament to the innovative design and engineering behind AceClamp® products, which prioritize both performance and the preservation of roofing materials.

Additionally, the ease of installation with AceClamp® products cannot be overstated. The fully assembled components and straightforward design allow for quick and efficient installations. Contractors and installers appreciate the time savings and reduced labor costs associated with AceClamp® products, making them a preferred choice for various applications. The recent Starlink antenna installation is a prime example of how AceClamp® can simplify the installation process while ensuring a secure and reliable attachment.

The patented design of AceClamp® metal roof clamp products also ensure longevity and durability. By avoiding roof penetrations, the risk of leaks and subsequent damage is significantly minimized. This design consideration is particularly important for maintaining the long-term health and performance of metal roofs, which are prized for their durability and longevity. AceClamp® products enhance these attributes by providing secure, non-invasive mounting solutions.

In conclusion, AceClamp® is more than just a solution for snow retention and solar panel installation. The recent use of the AceClamp® A2® to attach a Starlink antenna to a standing seam metal roof illustrates the broader applicability and reliability of AceClamp® products. Their patented non-penetrating design ensures secure installations while preserving the integrity and warranty of the roofing panels. As industries continue to seek versatile and reliable mounting solutions, AceClamp® remains at the forefront, offering innovative products that meet a wide range of needs.

For more information about this product, please call AceClamp® at 860-406-5793 or send us an inquiry. To learn more about PMC Industries, Inc.’s patents and trademarks, it may be found here: Patent Notice. *Based on typical contractor experience.

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