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Snow Bracket: 4 Bar, Heavy Duty, Extended

  • Our four bar, extended, heavy duty snow system for asphalt shingle roofs can provide adequate protection in areas that have moderate to heavy snow loads. With our heavy duty bars, our system outperforms in every aspect.
  • From the ease of assembly to finishing up the job earlier, you’ll see a marked difference in our products.
  • Installation to be completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s written specifications and installation instructions.
  • The material is Aluminum but can be manufactured in Stainless Steel or Brass. Contact AceClamp® for specific product applications, custom layouts, and materials.

Works with these roofing profiles:


Optional Colors and Finishes

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*Finishes are available at additional cost.

Frequent Questions

The slope on my building is 2:12-do I really need snow rails?  
The short answer is "yes," especially if you have a walkway, parking area or shrubs directly under the eaves that should be protected from sliding snow and/or ice.

You offer several types of snow rails-how do I know which is best for my building?
Contact our engineering department and we'll recommend the type and provide you with a layout that will position the rails in the optimum locations.

Can you help with a recommendation on a barrel-shaped roof?  
Yes, email us with the roof layout and we'll provide a recommendation.

Are your snow rails custom made for each roof or are they stock components in inventory?  
Most of our AceClamps and snow retention components are stock products however, we have the machine shop capabilities to make custom parts when necessary. 

AceClamp Snow Bracket: 4 Bar, Heavy Duty,  Extended

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Find the best snow guards for your roofing material.
We manufacture clamp on snow guards for metal roofs, as well as bolt down and screw down systems for Asphalt, Tile, and Slate roofing. AceClamp® systems also help stop falling ice with our convenient and easy-to-install ice guard attachments.

AceClamp A2 Snow Guards shown on Metal Roof


Ace Clamp 3 Rail Snow Guards Shown on Shingle Roof


AceClamp 3 Rail Snow Guards Shown on Slate Roof


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