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AceClamp® ML Roofing Clamp Receives FM Approval

AceClamp® ML Receives FM Approvals Certification for Product Conformance To Highest National and International Standards

Patented roof clamp from PMC Industries saves time and effort while ensuring every clamp is installed consistently and correctly

PLAINVILLE, Conn. (October 31, 2013) – PMC Industries’ AceClamp® ML has received FM Approvals certification for product conformance to the highest national and international standards. FM Approvals, part of FM Global, is a leader in the certification and approval of roofing products and roof assemblies based on performance testing of completed assemblies when subjected to multiple perils such as wind-uplift.

The AceClamp® ML is a standing seam metal roof (SSMR) clamp system that can accommodate almost any application (such as a solar panel roofing system) or roof seam design. AceClamp® ML’s two-piece design allows installation at any point on the seam with one of the tightest vibration tested grips in the industry, while not puncturing or scratching the roof’s surface.

Designed especially with the contractor in mind, the pre-assembled AceClamp® ML is the easiest, quickest and safest way to install attachment roof clamps on standing seam metal roofs (SSMR). The patented roof clamp is engineered with one top mounting screw, completing installation in less than half the time of conventional side-mounting roofing systems.

The fully assembled AceClamp® ML roof clamp ensures that every job is done consistently and correctly with its easy access and visibility for checking the torque on each installation.

About PMC Industries
PMC Industries Inc., a division of Innovative Medical Products, is a “Made-in-the-U.S.A.” manufacturer serving a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, appliances, construction, transportation, alternative energy, the military, and medical device industry. Both the AceClamp® and the A2™ AceClamp® can be used to secure SSMR attachments for solar panels and snow retention systems, as well as for signage, satellite dishes and HVAC. For more information, call 860.200.3787 or visit

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Find the best metal snow retention systems for your roofing material.
We manufacture snow retention systems for SSMR, Membrane, Asphalt, Tile and Slate roofing. AceClamp® systems also help stop falling ice with our convenient and easy-to-install ice guard attachments.

AceClamp A2 Snow Guards shown on Metal Roof


Ace Clamp 3 Rail Snow Guards Shown on Shingle Roof


AceClamp 3 Rail Snow Guards Shown on Slate Roof


AceClamp Color Snap® M for Membrane, TPO roofs


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metal snowguards 2 bar metal roof snow guards

Shown above: A2N rail type metal snow guards on a snap seam metal roof.

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If you’re using the same old products to mount solar, satellite, communications, ductwork – or practically anything-to metal roofs you’re wasting time and money. The AceClamp® family of metal snow guards and solar mounting clamps give you stronger, more flexible mounting options – without damaging roof surfaces and risking roof warranties.

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