AceClamp® Snow Retention Roof Systems

With Bitter Winds and Heavy Snow Predicted for Much of U.S. This Winter,
PMC’s Snow Retention Roof Systems May Be Just the Answer for Home or Business

PLAINVILLE, Conn. (December 3, 2013) – According to a frosty forecast in The 2014 Old Farmer’s Almanac, a decline in solar activity combined with ocean-atmosphere patterns in the Pacific and Atlantic will result in below-normal temperatures and above-normal snowfall during most of the winter across much of the United States.
“With a weather forecast like this, now’s the time to think about a snow retention system for your home or business,” said Jim Bailey, president of PMC Industries Inc. “Our Precision Snow-Guard™ and Snow-Rail snow retention solutions are among the strongest in the industry. Easy-to-install and solidly secure in holding back major snow roof loads, our snow retention systems prevent dangerous snow and ice from falling off a sloped roof, which can cause serious damage and liability for the home or business owner.” The snow retention systems are for any of type of standing seam metal roof (SSMR) or application.

PMC’s Precision Snow-Guards™ are for quick installation on most any type of metal roof including standing seam metal roof (SSMR) and corrugated, in both residential and commercial roof applications. The L-shaped, clear polycarbonate roof snow guards are available in “King” or “Queen” sizes, as well as a variety of colors. Precision roof Snow-Guards™ provide an even distribution of snow weight on a metal roof and a longer life for gutters. Manufactured by PMC since 1995, the roofing system snow guards can be bought direct from PMC for reliable service and delivery. Buying from the manufacturer ensures a consistent and quality product that is Made in the U.S.A.

For heavier and deeper snow loads, PMC recommends installing its patented AceClamp® Snow-Rail System or A2™ AceClamp® Snow-Rail Roofing System. Designed with the contactor in mind, these preassembled roof clamp brackets are the easiest and fastest snow retention systems to install anywhere today and will not scratch a metal roof’s surface. The AceClamp® Snow-Rail System or A2™ AceClamp® Snow-Rail Roofing System are engineered for snow retention systems on single-lock, double-lock and snap-lock standing seam metal roofs (SSMR). The A2™ roof clamp has a unique design that virtually eliminates the need for periodically re-torquing clamps to preserve manufacturers’ warranties, as is recommended for other SSMR clamp systems.

PMC’S pre-assembled, non-penetrating AceClamps® let contractors choose a range of snow-rail systems for standing seam metal roofs using one-, two-, or three-hole brackets (two to six inches in height) depending on the steepness of the metal roof’s slope. The brackets hold the system’s hollow aluminum tubes that can span the entire length of the metal roof in this heavy-duty application. The snow-rail and snow retention systems are available in mill-finish aluminum or can be powder coated to match a roof.

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We manufacture both snow bar and snow rails for metal roofs. We also offer bolt down and screw down systems for Membrane, Asphalt, Tile, and Slate roofing. AceClamp® systems also help stop falling ice with our ice guard attachments, which are screwed to the rail/bar or snapped into place on our new easy-to-install Color Snap® product.

AceClamp A2 Snow Guards shown on Metal Roof


Ace ColorSnap-m Snow Guards on low-slope membrane roof


Ace Clamp 3 Rail Snow Guards Shown on Shingle Roof


AceClamp 3 Rail Snow Guards Shown on Slate Roof


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2 bar snow guard system

Shown above: A2N rail type snow guard system on a snap seam metal roof.

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