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Snow retention manufacturer receives key patent

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After a lengthy testing and development cycle and a bit of industry controversy, PMC Industries surprised the roofing industry with an announcement today that the United States Patent Office issued a patent for their exciting new snow-retention product, the AceClamp® Color Snap® (#9,850,661) on December 26, 2017.

Earlier this year, industry forums were ablaze with rumors of a conflict between AceClamp® and a competitor offering a similar product. “Although the products serve a similar purpose, their design couldn't be more different,” claimed Alan Wasley, CEO of PMC Industries, the parent company of AceClamp®. “Our design approach is completely new and addresses many of the pain points that professional roofers struggle with most in the field, most notably of which are the lengthy set-up times and labor-costs roofers experience when installing competitive products.”

The Color Snap® product is currently the only snow-retention system that utilizes a snap-fit design. The product ships to roofers with fully assembled, ready-to-install components and snap-in ice clips. Color Snap® is available for either standing seam metal roofing or membrane roofing with a variant of the product known as Color Snap®-M. According to AceClamp®, both varieties offer greater installation flexibility, are easier to install, and help to reduce labor costs by minimizing preparatory tasks.

We aimed to reduce setup, installation times and labor costs significantly and we've had an overwhelming response from our clients on just how cost-saving the Color Snap® product can be. We're happy to let roofers, architects, and engineers know that Color Snap® is now available for delivery and that they can count on AceClamp® to continue producing innovative solutions and clever products for the greater roofing industry.”

AceClamp® Color Snap® can currently be ordered at The PROOF is on the ROOF®.


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We manufacture both rail type and bar type snow stoppers and snow retention systems.

Ace ColorSnap-m Snow Guards on low-slope membrane roof


AceClamp A2 Snow Guards shown on Metal Roof


Ace Clamp 3 Rail Snow Guards Shown on Shingle Roof


AceClamp 3 Rail Snow Guards Shown on Slate Roof


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