AceClamp® A2® Strong Roof Clamp for Wind Uplift and Seismic Vibration

PMC Industries Offers a Stronger Standing Seam Metal Roof (SSMR) Clamp for Wind Uplift and Seismic Vibration, Compared with Single, Set-Screw Roof Clamps

Unique design of ‘A2™AceClamp®’ prevents damage to SSMR surfaces, upholding manufacturers’ warranties

PLAINVILLE, Conn. (July 30, 2013) – Installers of attachment roofing systems on standing seam metal roofs (SSMR) can now rest assured they will have the best roof clamp in the industry for resisting wind uplift and seismic vibration, when compared with single set-screw roof clamps.

The newest member of the Ace Clamp® family, the A2™ roofing clamp is one of the strongest clamps tested, compared with single set-screw clamps, in the SSMR (Standing Seam Metal Roof) market. The A2™AceClamp®’s unique design virtually eliminates the need for periodically re-torquing roof clamps to preserve manufacturers’ warranties, as is recommended for other standing seam metal roof clamp systems.

The A2™’s innovative solution prevents torque back-out, caused by wind flutter or constant seismic vibration, by employing a distinctive “push-pin” design that locks two stainless steel pins into the roof panel to secure the clamp. The design effectively prevents loosening or torque back-out and is Patent-Applied-For.

Prior to the A2™, manufacturers relied on round or concaved-headed set-screws that turned and rotated into the metal roof’s surface to penetrate and lock into the metal seam. This typically resulted in scratches or damage to the panels’ surface. The A2™’s roof clamp sliding push-pin design eliminates this concern. The A2™ solution does not damage or scratch the panel surfaces, thus upholding manufacturers’ warranties while assuring one of the strongest roof clamp systems in the industry.

For solar-racking installations, the A2™ saves time and additional costs where grounding cable brackets are used. The A2™ is designed with a grounding cable groove in the clamp. A stainless steel sleeve and set-screw kit securely hold the grounding wire in place. For the installer, this feature eliminates the need for a separate grounding attachment, as the cable groove is incorporated into the roof clamp itself. The stainless steel sleeve also prevents corrosion of the grounding wire while enhancing electrical conductivity.

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